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Departments and Teams Physical Education

The Physical Education Department is staffed by three full-time lecturers and one technician. The three full time lecturers have a range of academic qualifications, teaching experiences and research interests. The department’s facilities include a multi-purpose sports hall with installed gymnastics apparatus and transverse wall as well as a modern fitness suite. The department provides classes for the Bachelor of Education and the Liberal Arts Physical Education students in a range of practical courses including games, dance, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and outdoor education. In order to facilitate the provision of swimming we make use of the Falls Leisure Centre. To facilitate outdoor education we have a residential field trip in year one and a European based field trip in year two. In each of the practical areas provisions are made for students to acquire coaching qualifications which will enhance their professional development. The theoretical components of the courses include physiology, sociology, psychology, child development, philosophy, biomechanics and special educational needs. In addition to the theory and practical classes students engage in subject application classes where they work with children from local primary and nursery schools in a range of curricular areas. The Physical Education department are very pro active in the promotion of student sport and believe that student sport is vital to the student experience in St Mary’s. The staff encourage all students to participate in the student clubs and are actively involved in a number of the clubs in coaching capacities.

Course Team Leader: Dr Elaine McLaughlin

Associated Staff