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Job Title(s)Head of Education
Chair of the BEd Programme Board
Principal Lecturer
Phone No.+44 (0) 28 9026 8254 
Internal Phone No.ext. 254 


Education Studies Team

International Office

Short Description

Teaching and Administration
I am the Head of Education and Chair of the BEd Programme Board. As Head of Education, my role is to manage and develop the Education Studies courses within the College's undergraduate teacher education programmes. As Chair of the BEd Programme Board, I am responsible for the strategic development and leadership of the BEd Primary and BEd Post-Primary degree programmes to ensure that they are aligned with government priorities that they meet the professional requirements of the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland and the Department of Education for Northern Ireland.

I teach on all four years of the undergraduate programmes in the areas of the philosophy and sociology of education and I also teach on the Master of Education Programme working on two modules within the Education Management and School Organisation Pathway. I supervise the dissertations of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In 2014, I was invited by the Department of Education, Northern Ireland (DENI), to chair the 'Initial, Induction and Early Professional Development' work stream as part of an on-going review of Teacher Education and Professional Development. This work subsequently led to the publication of a new Strategy for Teacher Education in Northern Ireland entitled 'Learning Leaders: A Strategy for Teacher Professional Learning'.

In June 2009, I was approved as an Educational Enhancement Process Panel Member for Queen's University, Belfast and as a member of the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC) Register of Expert Panellists. I have been a panel member on a number of programme reviews and validation events in institutions across the UK and Ireland and I am currently external examiner on the BEd Programme at the University of Glasgow.

Membership of professional organisations
I have been a fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2000.

I am the nominee of the Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers, Northern Ireland (UCETNI) on the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI).

Research Interests

My research interests include teacher education and the development of professional identity and cultural diversity issues in schooling. I have presented a number of papers on these themes at both national and international conferences and have a range of publications in peer reviewed journals.

Recent Publications
Hagan, M. (2016), Learning and Teaching in a Catholic College: The Importance of Ethos, International Studies in Catholic Education, Vol 8 No 1, pp. 102-119 ISSN: 1942-2539 (Print) 1942-2547 (Online)

Hagan, M. (contributing author) in Nehring, J. and Szczesiul, S. (2015). Redefining high performance in Northern Ireland: Deeper learning and twenty-first century skills meet high stakes accountability. Journal of Educational Change: 16(3), 327-348.

Hagan, M. (2013), Developing teacher competence and professionalism in Northern Ireland: an analysis of 'Teaching the Reflective Profession' (GTCNI, 2007), Teacher Education Network Journal, Vol. 5 (1) pp. 60-69

Hagan, M. (2011), (Contributor), Teacher Education for Inclusion Across Europe: Challenge and Opportunities, Brussels: European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education, ISBN (Print): 978-87-7110-184-3, ISBN (Electronic): 978-87-7110-205-5

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