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The project has now ended.

Joint project (Stranmillis and St Mary's University Colleges).

One of the largest CPD Projects ever undertaken in NI.

Project combined face to face sessions and online learning.

Seminars were held in Stranmillis University College, St Mary's University College and in venues in each of the other four Educational and Library Board areas. 

 Overall Aims of the Project

The project had two strands:

(a) seven online sessions in which the whole school participates

(b) face-to-face teaching sessions for a maximum of two teachers per school

The overall aims of the project were to help teachers to build on their understanding of literacy development in children of primary school age as follows:

  • to develop each teacher’s competence and confidence in the ability to identify individual learning  profiles;
  • to develop each teacher’s competence and confidence to match evidence-based interventions to  individual learning needs;
  • to benefit each school through having a  specialist teacher and building expertise in literacy development among the whole teaching staff; and
  • to help teachers to identify children’s literacy strengths and to address their difficulties.