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Diversity and Mutual Understanding (DMU)

St Mary’s University College, in conjunction with Stranmillis University College, delivers ‘The Inter-College Programme for Diversity and Mutual Understanding’ as an essential aspect of study for all students studying on BEd pathways and the PGCE. This programme is designed and organised by The Colleges’ Joint Liaison Group (CJLG), which is made up of members of academic staff from both colleges and incorporates a range of activities and diverse methods of delivery. Students from both colleges work together on both campuses exploring issues related to their personal and professional development. This progressive, interactive programme is reviewed and updated annually to reflect curriculum developments and current research in the area.

The CJLG works alongside the NUS/USI in the preparation and delivery of the BEd 1, BEd 2 and PGCE programmes, which focus on issues pertaining to identity, diversity and prejudice. Students are encouraged to engage in discussion on these topics and consider how to deal with such matters in the classroom. In recent years The Red Cross has provided very active programmes for students in years 3 and 4, which provide the participants the opportunity to develop their ability to work in partnership with others, while reflecting on the importance of the protection of human rights.

In addition to the DMU programmes, a number of students are trained as workshop facilitators. The NUS/USI co-ordinate this residential training and the successful students are then involved in providing support during the BEd 1 and BEd 2 programmes.

The CJLG also encourages students to apply for funding from the small grants scheme which is open to subject groups, interest groups and individuals who would like to develop links with a similar group in Stranmillis. In November 2008 a group of BEd 2 Business Studies students from both University Colleges, successfully applied for a grant which allowed them to investigate the benefits of organising a joint business trip to a local industry.

For more information about this scheme or any aspect of the inter-college programme, please contact Mrs Denise McKee, the Co-ordinator for the Programme for Diversity and Mutual Understanding.

Members of CJLG in St Mary’s are:

  • Mrs Denise McKee (DMU Co-ordinator)
  • Professor Peter Finn (Principal)
  • Miss Donna Murray (Senior Lecturer)
  • Mr Peter Stevenson (Senior Lecturer)
  • Mr Kieran McGeown (Senior Lecturer)