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Student Experience

Déaglán Murphy - Student Union President 20/21

Déaglán Murphy


Phone: 02890268217


The President is the Chief Executive Officer and Political Leader of the Students' Union. He has responsibility over finance, overall student policy and the general administration of the organisation. Déaglán shall sit on the NUS-USI regional council and is the Union's Director of Finance. Furthermore, the President oversees Students' Union publications, communications and elections, reporting monthly to the Students' Union Executive and College Principal. He represents students on every issue, sits on the Academic Board and College Board of Governors. The President is also in liaison to the Faculty of Education.

Caolan Dillon - Student Union Vide-President 20/21

Caolan Dillon


Phone: 02890268311



The Vice-President has specific responsibility for Clubs and Societies and will be working closely with all clubs and societies this year: providing support and assistance. Caolan shall sit on the Academic board with the President, Déaglán. He will further oversee the work of the Welfare Officer and generally offer his assistance to the President on all duties throughout the year.


Rory Doonan - Student Union Secretary 20/21

Rory Doonan (BEd 4 Gaeilge)



Hi, I'm Rory! This year I am your secretary on the Student's Union! My job will be to take the minutes at the SSCC and Union
meetings, deal with any queries and help with the overall running of the union. Anything I can do to help make your time in
the Ranch better just let me know!

Francesca Watson - BEd Academic Officer 20/21

Francesca Watson (BEd 4 Religious Studies)

BEd Academic Officer


Hi everyone, I am Francesca Watson and I am your BEd Academics Officer. My role this year includes overseeing the academic affairs of the BEd programme alongside running all SSCC meetings and resource sharing platforms. I will also recruit class representatives from each year group to sit in on the SSCC meetings in order to raise any issues or concerns students may have. Student voice is so important so please do not hesitate to contact me in regard to any concerns you may have

Emma Mone - Clubs & Societies Officer 20/21

Emma Mone (BEd 4 Business Studies)

Clubs and Societies Officer


Hi I’m Emma and this year I will be working closely with Caolan, the Vice-President, to support all the clubs and societies within the college, ensuring that they are well financed and that their needs are met. I will also have a part to play in the setting up of the new clubs and societies within the College. My advice to all students and in particular new students is to get involved in the club and societies within the college, they really help contribute to an enjoyable Ranch experience! Finally, if you are ever in need of help or advice, just reach out to anyone on the SU Executive!

Lea Casey - Women & Welfare Officer 20/21

Lea Casey (BEd 3 Physical Education)

Women & Welfare Officer


Hi I’m Lea and I am the woman’s officer for the upcoming year! I have a responsibility of supporting and offering advice to women within the college, celebration of women’s empowerment and providing equal opportunities for all. I am looking forward to starting 3rd year and being involved in the student union.

Lauren McConville - Cultural & Irish Language Officer 20/21
Lauren Mc Conville (BEd 4 Gaeilge)

Cultural & Irish Language Officer


Dia Daoibh a chairde. As Cultural and Irish Language officer, I will work with our new union to build upon previous work to promote and maintain the strong sense of culture and the Irish Language achieved within St Mary’s. I will ensure that the needs of the students are met within relation to both Culture and Irish Language – and of course the craic that comes with it! I would really love and hope that all students in St Mary’s feel welcome to all cultural and language events – sure what an opportunity to get to know new people as well as getting involved in uni life! Ádh mór oraibh.

Faoiltiarna Burke (BEd 4 History)

Welfare & Equality Officer


Hi, I’m Faoiltiarna and I am your Welfare and Equality officer for the year ahead. I will be working in tandem with the Vice president and President to ensure equal opportunities are presented for all members of our community, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religious creed. Moreover, I will focus on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all students in our college. I will try to resolve any problems you may face and provide a driving force for implicating positive amendments and additional services within the college. I will work tirelessly to ensure that the welfare of all students within the college is nurtured, valued and supported.
Don’t be afraid to reach out! I’m ready and willing to help you!

Ryan Daly - Entertainments Officer 20/21

Ryan Daly (BEd 4 History)

Entertainments Officer


Hi I’m Ryan and I will help with the organisation and co-ordination of all union executive social functions. I will help various clubs and societies with their fundraising events and along side the formal committee to organise the formal. I am looking forward to another year in the ranch with hopefully many ranch nights out.

Toni Shields - Community Outreach & Volunteering Officer 20/21

Toni Shields (BA 3 History)

Community Outreach & Volunteering Officer


Hi everyone! I’m Toni and I am your Community Outreach & Volunteering Officer this year. I will be working with the student’s union to ensure it is well represented with leading local charity and voluntary groups. I plan to develop relationships and connections with the communities surrounding the college. My role will also include helping to organise this year’s community fair. I will support and develop the voluntary clubs within St Marys and promote volunteering opportunities for all students.

Anita McKeown & Josephine Quinn - International Officers 20/21

Anita McKeown & Josephine Quinn (BEd4 Maths & Business Studies)

International Officers


Hello! We are Anita and Josephine and we are this year’s International Officers. Having been on Erasmus ourselves, we want to ensure other incoming and outgoing students have an Erasmus experience as amazing as ours. We will help guide and support students wanting to study abroad and welcome incoming students into life in St Mary’s.