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St Mary’s University College is aware that Queen’s University and Ulster University have decided to issue a number of firm offers for many courses in July, well in advance of the release of GCE A level (or equivalent) results on 13th August 2020.


All applicants to St Mary’s should note that the College will maintain normal admission decision-making procedures as communicated earlier this summer. This is due to a cap on the number of undergraduate places available at St Mary’s and a potential financial penalty for the institution if the College recruits over the number of approved places. Therefore, admission decisions will not be made until A level (or equivalent) results are received.


It is understandable that applicants who have received an offer from one or other of the local universities will have questions about the status of their application to St Mary’s. We hope you find the following information useful.


I have received an offer from another University but St Mary’s is my first choice. What are my options?


Offers from other Universities made in July may require you to respond quickly through the UCAS system. You may accept the offer in order to secure a place but you also have the option to withdraw should you receive an offer from St Mary’s in August. St Mary’s is not a member of UCAS and therefore we are able to make separate offers.


The College offer includes a statement to advise that if you accept an offer from St Mary’s and are holding a firm offer from another higher education institution, you must contact their admissions office and apply to be released. You will be released of course but it is still important that you go through the process.


When will St Mary’s make offers to the BEd degree and Liberal Arts degree programmes?

St Mary’s will begin making the majority of offers as soon as possible following the release of A level results on 13th August. The process can take up to two weeks or more depending on the number of places available following initial offers. The College has prepared a detailed document regarding notification of results and the decision-making process. This document was circulated to applicants in June 2020 and can be viewed here.

Applicants will be able to view the status of their application through the on-line application system from Friday, 14th August 2020.

 I have received results for qualifications other than GCE A level earlier than 13th August. How will I notify the College?

Some applicants may receive their results during July or early August in relation to Access to Higher Education courses, QCF BTEC or other level 3 awards. Documents confirming the qualification award and grades should be photographed or scanned and emailed to admissions@smucb.ac.uk

Where a complete set of qualifications are submitted, the College will review the application and check if an offer can be made.

Can I add another course/ subject to my application?

If you wish to add another course, for example, Liberal Arts or an additional subject, you must email Academic Registry at St Mary’s stating which course or subject you wish to add to your application. Please note that your request may not be considered immediately as priority will be given to initial course applications.

I am undecided about my course choice and would welcome further information.

Making the right course choice is extremely important and can be quite challenging with numerous higher education options available. Many applicants will receive advice through their school careers department, family and friends. The College can also offer advice and further information to help with questions that may arise in the coming weeks. Please do not hesitate to email the Academic Registry office (admissions@smucb.ac.uk). If requested, we can contact you by telephone to discuss your enquiry.