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For the academic year the following fee rates are applicable:


10 credit point module   £328   
20 credit point module  £656
30 credit point module    £983
Dissertation 60 credit point module  £1,967
Bridging application  £48
Bridging fee         £190


Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan (PG TFL)

From the academic year 2017/18, the Department for the Economy will provide a tuition fee loan for new students of up to £5,500 per student for Postgraduate study.

Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan (PG TFL) for postgraduate study will be:

  • a tuition fee loan;
  • non-means tested;
  • paid directly to the Higher Education Provider (HEP)
  • available only once, for one level 7 course

Personal Eligibility

  • The student must start the course in the academic year 2017/18 or later (ie on or after the 1 August 2018)
  • PG TFL is available to UK Nationals (and individuals with settled status in the UK) who have been ordinarily resident in the UK and Islands for three years on the first day of the first academic year of their course.
  • The student must have been most recently resident in Northern Ireland and must not have moved there from elsewhere in the UK and Islands solely of the purpose of attending the course.

The maximum PG TFL available is £5,500 per course, capped as follows:


Course length
(academic years)

Max PG TFL per academic year

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

3 academic years





The Tuition Fee Loan will not have to be repaid until after students have left university and are earning £18,935 or more.


Students can apply online or download an application form via the Student Finance Northern Ireland website (http://www.studentfinanceni.co.uk).


Students who have not applied for the PG TFL can do so up until May 2019 by contacting their local branch of Student Finance NI.


A student who fails to fulfil his or her financial obligations to the College shall be liable to be suspended from the College. The power to suspend includes the power to defer the award of a degree, diploma or certificate.


Payment Options

Students who do not avail of the PG TFL can pay their fees in one of two ways:

Direct Debit: Dependant on the modules studied, students can complete a Direct Debit authorisation and spread the fee due over 3 or 8 months

  • Students completing a module in Semester 1 only can pay by 3 monthly Direct Debit instalments commencing November – January
  • Students completing more than one module, or modules in Semester 2 and/or Summer School can pay by 8 monthly Direct Debit instalments commencing November – June.

Cash, cheque or bank transfer:  students who do not complete a Direct Debit authorisation will receive one invoice for the full fee, which will be payable within 30 days.  Students should use their student number as payment reference if paying by bank transfer.


Tuition Fee Regulations

Any student who has not paid an account for fees to the College will not receive the certificate for any degree, diploma or other qualification awarded by the College until all outstanding debts have been cleared.

For debts more than 90 days overdue, a letter will be issued warning students that disciplinary action will be taken within 7 days if payment is not made. Where payment is not made within this period, disciplinary action which may lead to suspension will be initiated.

Continuing students who have not cleared their fee account will be prevented from re-enrolling at the College and from using any of the College facilities.
Where tuition fees have not been paid by the end of the academic year, a file will be passed to the College solicitor. The College solicitor will be instructed to take appropriate action to recover the outstanding fees. Where fees remain unpaid three months after an individual has ceased to be a registered student of the College, legal action normally will be initiated.