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Services & Information


Student records are maintained in accordance with The Data Protection Act (2018) and retained as set out in our Data Protection policy. Records relating to qualifications undertaken and final award outcomes are stored in varying levels of detail dating back to the 1970’s.


Registration is through Queen's University through an on-line process.



Attendance /Transcript Requests


St Mary’s students and graduates may require confirmation of their attendance, exam results and/or a full transcript including module details. Academic Registry will provide this on request. Enquirers should supply the requirements in writing and include a student number (if known), full name (including maiden name), date of birth, graduation year, degree title, subject studied and postal address.


The nature of the document required will be determined by the organisation requesting confirmation of the student record. The following may be helpful.


  • Cover letter- providing details of attendance dates and degree classification awarded.
  • Short transcript - listing module titles, the mark awarded, degree classification and the graduation date.
  • Full transcript – as listed above with details of topics covered in each module (a charge of £25 is payable in advance for this request with a turnaround of 10 working days).


Additional information can be supplied as required and should be specified. Examples are:


  • Details of teaching practice (school placement information and dates - available from 2006 onwards)
  • Completion of forms for teaching graduates registering with the Teaching council in the Republic of Ireland


Requests should be made to admissions@smucb.ac.uk




Replacement Parchments


Replacement parchments are printed by Queen’s University, in January and July only, and can be requested via the webpage- http://www.qub.ac.uk/directorates/sgc/srecords/YourStudentRecord/Parchments/