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St Mary’s Widening Participation Office can provide the following outreach services to prospective students and other interested groups:

The Student Ambassador Programme

Students are invited to volunteer as Student Ambassadors. The role of the Student Ambassadors is to support the Outreach programme of the College. This exciting initiative enables students to develop their own interpersonal skills as well as being a role model for those who are considering entering into Higher Education. There are a diverse range of activities that Student Ambassadors participate in. These include:

  • Attendance at Careers Fairs
  • Participating in seminars and interactive workshops for schools amd colleges
  • Hosting prospective students who attend the College taster experience
  • Welcoming guests who visit the College
  • Supporting transition students
  • Participating in Induction Week

Student Ambassador experience such opportunities as:

  • Encouraging and inspiring others to fulfil their potential
  • Insight into school and community environments
  • Contributing to the corporate life of the College
  • Opportunity to reflect on professional development
  • Opportunity for personal development
  • Networking with educational professionals
  • Increased personal confidence and competence
  • CV enhancement


Student Ambassador Presentations

“We can tell them what it is really like.”

Student Ambassadors can visit schools to provide pupils with an insight into their personal learning experience at St Mary’s.


Michael O'Hare BEd Religious Studies provided a number of information sessions on life as a student at St Mary's University College to pupils at Corpus Christi College, Belfast. The pupils really appreciated the insight that Michael offered to them.



Claire Mc Killop BEd Secondary (Religious Studies) degree got the thumbs up from the Year 13 pupils of St Joseph's College Belfast.





Technology and Design Challenge for the Pupils

of Christian Brothers Secondary School



The pupils of Christian Brothers Secondary School in Belfast had their talents tested in a focused ‘Technology and Design Challenge’ hosted by the Second year BEd (Hons) Technology and Design students within St Mary’s University College. The challenge culminated in the production of an L.E.D. torch and hologrammed identity tags. The pupils utilised Crocodile Clips software to plan the application of electronics to the Challenge ahead.

Kieran Mc Geown, College lecturer said… “The Technology and Design challenge will enable our students to reflect on how best to challenge, enthuse, excite and educate pupils of this age group within the subject area of Technology and Design. They, along with the technical staff within the Technology and Design department, deserve praise for their preparatory work which resulted in a very positive experience for all concerned. ”


The success of this initiative demonstrates the College’s commitment to Widening Participation in Higher Education by increasing awareness of the opportunities at St Mary’s and raising the confidence, attainments and aspirations of the local pupils involved as well as contributing to the professional development of their student hosts.