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The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000

  • This is new legislation which be fully in force from 1st January 2005
  • It gives everyone both in and outside St Mary’s University College (“the College”) a right of access to information held by the College
  • It covers all digital and print records and information held, whether current or archived
  • Some information is not required to be released and should not be released, including information which is confidential or subject to Data Protection legislation

The College Publication Scheme

  • To help with our obligations under FOI, the College has already produced a Publication Scheme
  • This details the types of information the College makes available to the public and how the public may access the information
  • It includes things like the College structure and organisation, its services and procedures, practices and guidelines
  • In addition from 1st January 2005, the public will have a right to ask for information which is not contained in the College publication scheme

For enquiries regarding the College publication scheme, please contact

Academic Registrar
St Mary’s University College
191 Falls Road
BT12 6FE

Email: t.abbott@smucb.ac.uk or Telephone: +44 [0] 28 90268304.


Publication Scheme

Introduction to Publication Scheme (PDF format)

St Mary's University College Publication Scheme (PDF format)

You will need Acrobat Reader (available from the Adobe website) to view these files.