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Navigating the Site

There are five main sections of the site. Clicking on one of the five associated buttons on the home page will expand the navigation for that section of the site.

To navigate through the site:

  • Expand and collapse the navigation menu using the and buttons respectively;
  • Select the page you wish to view.

You may view the site map for the entire site by expanding all the branches in the navigation menu.

A Search facility has also been provided (using link at the top of each page).


A Print This Page facility has been provided (using link at the top of each page) to print the page without the navigation and header blocks.

Adjusting Text Sizes

In an effort to make our web site more accessible, we created it using a flexible design. This built-in flexibility allows the visitor to increase or decrease the size of the text displayed on each page from within the browser.

There is a known problem with the Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser displaying text very small when you also use Eudora Light, Eudora, or Eudora Pro for email. Please follow the instructions below to correct this problem.

If you do not use any Eudora product for email, please follow the changing text size in the browser instructions.


  1. Start Eudora, if it is not already open
  2. From the Eudora menu, choose Tools and then choose Options
  3. From the Category list (along the left side), choose Viewing Mail
  4. Click on the Use Microsoft's viewer check box to clear it
  5. Choose the OK button
  6. Close Eudora
  7. Start Internet Explorer, if it is not already open
  8. From the Internet Explorer menu, choose View, point to Text Size, and then choose the desired size (most people prefer Medium).
  9. Close Internet Explorer.

The next time you start Internet Explorer, the text should be displayed using the size chosen in step 8.