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Job Title(s)Senior Lecturer
Head of International Programmes
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International Studies

International Office

Short Description

Dr Gerard McCann graduated from Queen's University Belfast with a PhD in Economics and Social Science having completed a BA (hons) in Politics and an MA in Scholastic Philosophy. He went on to lecture at the Ulster University and while there gained an MEd, a DipEd and PGCHET. He was appointed to St Mary's College, A College of Queen's University Belfast, in 2001 and is currently a Senior Lecturer in International Studies and Head of International Programmes. He is also the Erasmus Coordinator for the College. In 2017, he was awarded a Visiting Professorship to the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

Apart from dozens of articles and reports, books include the three volume From the Local to the Global, Ireland's Economic History, Theory and History, Issues in Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, Lustration, Covid-19 in the Global South, and International Human Rights, Social Policy and Global Development. He was Chair of the Research Committee of the UK Government's Global Learning Programme (GLP) for Northern Ireland and in 2016 was appointed to the Steering Committee of the Irish Government funded Development Studies Association, Ireland (DSAI). He is also on the Board of TEESnet.

In recent years, he has managed a series of Intensive Programmes in Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia and the Netherlands, on topics as diverse as intercultural dialogue, HE internationalization, borders and migration. Dr McCann advises several continental universities and NGOs on Brexit and the European Union's international development policy. He has guest lecturing or visiting professorship experience at universities in Rome, Falun, Memphis, Cork, Seattle, Lusaka, Krosno, Kosice, Lisbon, Angers, Copenhagen and Paderborn. He is on the editorial boards of (or advises) Studia Pigoniana, Policy and Practice, The Journal of European Economic History and Nordic Irish Studies.


PhD: Economics and Social Science (Politics) – Queen's University Belfast
MA: Scholastic Philosophy – Queen's University Belfast
MEd: Education – Ulster University
PGCHET: Queen's University Belfast
BA (Honours) in Politics – Queen's University Belfast
DipEd: Professional Development – Ulster University
FHEA: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Community Outreach

Dr McCann was Chair of the Centre for Global Education for seven years and is currently development adviser to Africa House (NI), an African diaspora charity. He was the Treasurer of Ark Housing Association for ten years, a social housing charity in the UK, and Treasurer of Morning Star House, a facility for homeless men with dependency problems. He has submitted evidence or addressed committees in the European and Westminster Parliaments on peace-building, social justice issues and international development. He was recently appointed the international coordinator for a public sector training initiative on safeguarding for the Zambian Police Service, jointly with the University of Zambia.

Current Research


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