Shimna Integrated College

18 December 2007

Dr Matthew Martin, Senior Lecturer in English, was invited to be the special guest speaker this week at the annual student awards evening held by Shimna Integrated College, Newcastle, County Down. Principal of Shimna College, Kevin Lambe, welcomed Dr Martin by recognising his previous service to the school as a teacher of English. Dr Martin addressed the gathering and distributed an array of awards and accolades to the school's current final year students and to returning students who had left at the end of the previous academic year.

Dr Martin said, "The awards handed out on the night recognised a range of student achievements, from excelling academically in ways that distinguish Shimna students as among the best in the province, to achieving goals with greater personal, humane or environmental significance. It was a delight to meet these fantastic young people and an honour to play a role in recognising their many and varied successes."

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