Debate on Global Security

25 June 2019

The Development Studies Association Ireland (DSAI), the Centre for Global Education (CGE) and St Mary’s University College, Belfast convened a seminar on “The Development, Conflict and Security Nexus: Theory and Practice” on Tuesday, 7 May 2019.

The topic covered the themes of development and security and drew speakers from a number of countries and academic areas, including medicine, education, international relations and politics. Chaired by Senior Lecturer in International Studies, Dr Gerard McCann, speakers included Jia Wang (Researcher, Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland, Galway), Suleiman Abdulahi (Director, Horn of Africa People’s Aid Northern Ireland), Dr Manal Hassen (Chair, Africa House (NI) and Dr Georgio Rahal (Chargé de Missions Recherche et Presses Universitaires, ICT – Toulouse).

Stephen McCloskey (Director of the Centre for Global Education) introduced the event and the speakers focused on development issues in the current conflict regions of Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. The event was funded by the Irish Government’s Irish Aid.

From L-R: Jia Wang, Manal Hassen, Georgio Rahal and Stephen McCloskey

The panel was joined by academics and students from Windesheim University in the Netherlands.

From L-R: Anette De Groot-Kuppens, Jia Wang, Manal Hassen, Georgio Rahal and Michiel Kampman

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