Key Issues in Development Studies

10 March 2020

The Indian publisher, Rawat, has released a second edition of a best-selling textbook on International Development, Key Issues in Development Studies, edited by Dr Gerard McCann (St Mary’s lecturer) and Mr Stephen McCloskey (Director of the Centre for Global Education).

Key Issues in Development Studies is currently used as a standard text in universities around the world, with a number of different translations appearing and courses being modelled on the sequence of topics covered in the book. In recent years the international development sector has faced new challenges to poverty eradication and the promotion of human rights. Climate change, the ongoing financial crisis and resulting political instability have had a huge impact both north and south. This classic textbook highlights the extent to which the local and global are interconnected in today’s globalised economy and questions the legitimacy of the neoliberal model of development. It is acknowledged as an indispensable introduction to key issues such as aid, debt, trade, migration, security, gender in development and climate change.

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