Coding for Success

11 April 2022

Six students from Lough Road Learning Centre in Lurgan were awarded certificates for completing a course in HTML web design and coding using the 'Go Berserk' resources. The course was delivered as part of a joint initiative between Stranmillis and St Mary’s University Colleges.

The students, Mikey Connors, Daryl Hearne, Christopher Adams, Caleb Myers, Caidon Canning, and Andrew Fan, along with three teachers, were invited to the special event.

The certificates were presented to the students by Prof Jonathan Heggarty MBE (Principal and CEO of Stranmillis), Prof Peter Finn KSG (Principal of St Mary’s) and Patricia O’Hagan MBE (CEO of CORE Systems). Also at the event were Ian Simons (Senior Lecturer at Stranmillis) and Stranmillis student Jack Cassidy, who delivered the training at the centre.

Lough Road Learning Centre provides education for young people who are unable to manage in mainstream school.

Congratulating the students, Prof Peter Finn said:

“I am delighted to be part of this collaborative initiative with Stranmillis University College and the Lough Road Centre. Earlier in the year, when Ian Simons taught a course at St Mary’s, I observed at first-hand how effective the 'Go Berserk' resources are in teaching HTML web design and coding. Congratulations to the six students from Lurgan on completing the training and receiving their certificates.”

Commenting on the joint initiative, Prof Jonathan Heggarty said: “Partnerships like the one with Lough Road Learning Centre are vital if we are to support, inspire and encourage all our young people to maximise their potential and promote progression in education for all. Coding is a hugely important skill that is, and will continue to be, critical to the Northern Ireland economy. Our hope is that through collaborative and innovative initiatives such as this, the young people involved may be inspired to pursue future study and indeed a career in the exciting and rewarding field of technology.”

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