Jagiellonian University Archives

27 March 2023

Professor Remigiusz Sapa, Elaine Mulholland and Professor Władysław Witalisz

St Mary’s University College has been asked to assist archivists and academics at the prestigious Jagiellonian University in Poland to select and assess the relevance of the Irish and British documents of the Varnhagen Collection.

Originating from Berlin and the life’s work of Ludwig Stern, the documents - also known as the Berlin Collection - are currently being scanned for public use. Included are letters, notes, autographs, statements and illustrations from thousands of historic figures from the 1700s until the early 1900s, including Roger Casement, Daniel O’Connell, William Wordsworth, Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Fry, among others.

Elaine Mulholland, Head of the Library at St Mary’s, along with Visiting Professor to the Jagiellonian, Dr Gerard McCann, assisted Polish archivists in selecting political and cultural documents for the purposes of a Summer Exhibition on Polish-Irish connections. The Project Lead is Professor Władysław Witalisz with Library Archivist, Monika Michalska.

Note from Roger Casement 20 April 1915

Etching of Daniel O’Connell

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