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Library Search Tool: Searches all books, e-books, e-journals and e-databases:

Use the following helpful download/videos to help you search books, e-books, e-journals and e-databases:

The Catalogue lists all of the library's print holdings and can be used to locate books, place reservations, check individual library accounts and renew books. It provides links to information about the library, subject guides, exam papers, reading lists, and other library catalogues and online resources.


St Mary's e-books - Over 1000 e-books can be read online from on or off campus 24/7.


St Mary's A-Z e-journals - Over 4,500 e-journals are available 24/7 from on or off campus. Use the Index page to search for articles by selecting a database. A guide to searching e-journals is available. The Titles page lists all titles held.


Scanned Documents - Chapters or journal articles which are available online, to staff and students only, on or off campus. Only students studying the relevant modules have access to the documents.


Other Library Catalogues - Direct access to online catalogues of other university and public libraries.


Online Resources - Databases or websites with online access to full text articles or bibliographic details of journal articles, books and other documents.