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Cartlann na Gaeilge is a small collection of materials that gives insightful glimpses into the journey taken by Belfast families in the latter part of the 20th century as they worked to establish an Irish-speaking community in the city. The archive includes other materials that relate to the development of the language since then. The initial corpus was presented to St Mary’s University College by local historian, Brighid Mhic Sheáin. The documents will be useful to researchers interested in language revival and they are located in the College Library.   The collection is closely related to the Cartlann na Gaeilge Beo archive. Further information about that larger archive can be accessed  at cartlannbeo@gmail.com

Cartlann na Gaeilge was funded by Foras na Gaeilge.  Assistance provided by the West Belfast Partnership Board and the Linenhall Library is also acknowledged.   


Bosca 1 - Pobal Feirste (CNAG1)

Bosca 2 - An Páipéar Bán (CNAG2)

Bosca 3 - Misneach (CNAG3)

Bosca 4 - Language Freedom Movement (CNAG4)

Bosca 5 - Cúrsaí Oideachais (CNAG5)

Bosca 6 - Bóthar Seoighe: tithe agus talamh (CNAG6)

Bosca 7 - An saol sóisialta (CNAG7)

Bosca 8 - Cúrsaí creidimh (CNAG8)

Bosca 9 - Irisleabhair (CNAG9)

Bosca 10 - Comhfhreagras (CNAG10)

Bosca 11 - Fianna Fáil agus an Ghaeilge (CNAG11)

Bosca 12 (a) (b) - Pleanáil Teanga (Gaeilge) (CNAG12)

Bosca 13 - Pleanáil Teanga (Breatnais agus Gaidhlig) (CNAG13)

Bosca 14 - Craoltóireacht (Broadcasting) (CNAG14)

Bosca 15 - Comhfhreagras (Correspondance) - Acht na Gaeilge (CNAG15)