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The loans policy is determined to ensure the best use of material in the Library. The short term loan collections are either core or recommended texts or books in heavy demand and are there to ensure that students have access to texts when they need them. Fines are imposed to keep books in circulation and to offer all students a chance to read widely in their area of study.

Loan Type Loan Period Fines
Standard Loans 3 weeks 10p per item per day or part day
Consultation Loans 3 hours £1 per hour or part of an hour
Seven-Day Loans 7 days 50p per item per day or part day


Failure to return books on time will incur fines. Recall and overdue notices will be sent to the reader's college email address initially and then posted to their home address. Students should check their college emails daily and renew their loans through the My Account page of the library catalogue.


Book Renewals

Books can be renewed twice: In person with or without the books at the Library Issue Desk• By Telephone at 02890268237 • Through the Library catalogue using My Account.

Requested books and consultation items cannot be renewed and students with outstanding fines will not be able to renew books.

Recalled Loans:

These are books on loan which have been requested by other readers. The reader who has the book will be informed by email that it has been requested by another reader and will be notified of the revised return date, usually six days from the date of the recall email. In the interests of other students, items must be returned in time, and fines will be charged if books are not returned by the revised due date.

Replacing lost books:

All books issued to readers are their responsibility. Lost books incur a charge which will be the replacement value of the book. If the title is no longer in print it will be replaced by something similar in content and price. Added to this charge will be accumulated fines. Damaged books will be charged as a lost book or for the re-binding costs whichever is appropriate.

Interlibrary Loans:

Lecturers, Masters, Postgraduate and final year students may request books or articles through the Interlibrary Loans Service. Other students may avail of this service at the discretion of the librarian. External readers wishing to use the interlibrary loan service may do so, however items requested will be charged at the full rate and must be pre-paid.

Lost Interlibrary Loan books are invoiced by the British Library and include substantial administrative costs.

Articles may be requested by academic staff for the offprint collection if the College or Queen's Library do not hold the journal. Articles obtained through interlibrary loans are subject to a charge equivalent to the photocopying costs in order to comply with copyright regulations.


Suspension entails the withdrawal of all library services. Borrowing rights can be suspended in the event of • Invoiced items • Substantial fines or other payments outstanding • Expired Student card • Serious breach of library regulations.


It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure that the Library has their current contact address and email.

The term book refers to all library items available for loan.