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For the tenth consecutive year, St Mary’s has achieved an exceptionally high percentage rating for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey (NSS). This year it was 92%.

The College Principal, Professor Peter Finn, said:

“We are delighted that such a high percentage of the students who graduated back in July expressed overall satisfaction with the degree programmes in Education and Liberal Arts at St Mary’s. The College’s performance since the National Student Survey began in 2007 has been consistently strong.

I believe this is an endorsement for the approach to higher education which we take at St Mary’s and an acknowledgement of the work undertaken by all the College staff to provide the students with a top-class service. Student satisfaction is not only a measure relating to academic excellence but also reflects favourably upon the overall learning environment in an institution. That is why we have the entire academic and support staff focused on a student-centred approach. St Mary’s seeks to promote positive values as well as knowledge and skills, and it would appear that the students appreciate that. In fact, our mission is to work for the development of the whole person in a Christian, values-sensitive environment in preparation for a lifetime of learning, leadership and service.”

Results for last 5 years: Percentage of student respondents who declared themselves satisfied with the quality of their course:

2016 93%
2015 96%
2014 93%
2013 94%
2012 98%