Our Vision and Values

The Christian ideal of education is based on love, solidarity, the common good, truth and justice. In our view, true education is a moral activity which has at its heart the fundamental worth of each person and the belief in a higher common good to which each belongs and through which each expresses her/his common God-given humanity.

Education is simultaneously a sacred and secular activity which is intrinsically linked to the process of becoming a fully human and spiritual being. It seeks a synthesis of competence and conscience. The pursuit of academic excellence is a vital component, but so too is the affirmation of human dignity, the liberation of humankind from ignorance, and the empowerment of the marginalised.

Thus education is a creative and inspired activity through which we can fully realise our human attributes and help build a world in which all people come to share and experience their common humanity.

If, in practice, education is reduced to preparing individuals to compete in the labour market, it leaves people and communities completely ill-prepared for many of the major components of a well-balanced and fulfilling life, such as relationships, parenthood, vocation, community-building, self-expression, and recreation. Education must not only prepare students for the world of work but for life in and for the community.

The goal of an education founded on Christian values is therefore the formation and development of young people as communal beings living in harmonious relationship with self, others, God and the environment. Such an education aims at nurturing in each individual a sense of self-esteem and a concern for others, rooted in the certainty of God’s love. The true test of education is therefore how a student uses her or his gifts and talents, not falling prey to the possessiveness, individualism, fragmentation, consumerism and lack of caring that a purely secular, market-driven education can imbue, but becoming truly human and being socially responsible.

Photograph of 2013 carol service

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