Computing Services

The College hosts a range of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) facilities, reflecting the PC and Apple setups that BEd, PGCE and MEd students will find in schools and that BA students will find further afield.


The ICT facilities are used by students and staff for document preparation, communication and information exchange, data handling, control technology, by BEd students for the exploration of ICT in schools, and for College administration.

Who may use the ICT Facilities?


All College students and staff, plus teachers on in-service courses, may use the open access ICT facilities. However, within a particular subject department, precedence is given to students requiring access to specific software for their coursework.

Queen’s Computing Facilities

As students of Queen’s, St Mary’s students are also entitled to use the Computing Facilities provided by QUB. This includes access to the PCs in the Student Computer Centres.

College Network


All users of the College ICT facilities are required to read the College Computer Rules of Use (PDF format) document and also to sign the Computer User’s Agreement (PDF format) before being issued with a username and password to log on to the College network.


File storage is being transitioned to O365, but for the time being the College also provides file servers. They are backed up nightly, but responsibility for files remains at all times with the account holder. Therefore Computing Services recommends saving copies of important files stored on College servers to external storage.


Also please note that it is IMPORTANT to log off when leaving a computer. If you do not log off, you are potentially allowing other students to access your work on your personal storage space, read or send emails from your account, or print for free using your print quota. Always ensure that you have finished saving any files that you have been working on and have closed any open applications before logging off.

Internet and Printing

Internet access is available from all devices via a resilient 2 x 1GB/s connection.


All student areas have access to both black & white and colour printing via MFDs. Students are provided with an initial allocation of printing credit, after which they must top up their credit using the kiosks provided. The main printers in the Open Access Area (which also serve the Teaching Lab) cost 3p per sheet. Other black & white lasers cost 4p per sheet. Colour laser printing costs 15p per sheet.


The following table summarises the main software packages in use in the college.

Operating systems Windows 10
Microsoft Office 2016
Browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge
E-mail Office365
Specialist software C2K Primary / Post-Primary & Special Needs Software (Black Cat, Granada etc), Mathematica, Cabri Geometry, AutoCad, Crocodile Technology, SPSS, PaintShop Pro, Mediator, Dreamweaver, Macromedia Director, Visual Studio, Emagic Gold