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College Events

St Mary’s University College Belfast is a vibrant hub of community outreach, demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity and engagement with a diverse range of groups. This is not surprising as the mission statement of the College seeks to position St Mary’s as a religious, educational, cultural and social resource for the local community and to show concern for the poor and powerless. We support economic regeneration and social development initiatives which facilitate peace building and the resolution of conflict.

With events ranging from academic conferences to cultural celebrations, we actively foster an environment where different voices are heard and celebrated. The gatherings become platforms for mutual understanding and collaboration. Whether it’s workshops, seminars, or cultural festivals, St Mary’s events aim to bridge gaps, promote dialogue, and extend the College’s impact beyond its walls. Such occasions not only enrich our academic offering but also strengthen our bonds with the diverse tapestry of communities we proudly serve.

If you are interested in hosting an event at St Mary’s or indeed if you wish to enquire about a new collaborative initiative/ partnership or develop a closer working relationship with the College, please get in touch by email to Eilís McAteer.