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Studying at St Mary’s University College

Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Education (MEd)

The MEd is designed to meet the diverse needs of educational professionals by offering a wide range of modules, delivered in a flexible way and covering contemporary school-based issues including:

  • Educational Management
  • Well-Being
  • Special Education; and
  • Effective Training.

The programme is aligned with the competence-based model of teacher education.

It is offered on a part-time basis (normally 3 years), and there are three award levels (Certificate, Diploma, Masters). The content consists of a blend of practitioner and research perspectives.

Master of Science in Sport & PE for Young People (MSc)

The MSc degree programme is designed to enable graduates to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as their capacity for undertaking leadership roles in promoting physical education and sport for young people.

The content is underpinned by a belief in the power of physical education and sport to inspire young people and to improve the quality of their lives.

There is a good range of vocationally oriented topics as well as a module on research methods to prepare students for completion of either a community-based project or an academic paper.

Tuition takes place on two days per week during the course of each term, thereby enabling students to concurrently gain professional work experience in the field. The team of lecturers promote an inclusive and collaborative approach to learning.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Irish Medium

The PGCE at St Mary’s is designed to prepare students for teaching in Irish-medium primary schools, with an emphasis on immersion pedagogy. Tuition is largely through the Irish language and there are three periods of school placement. A wide range of contemporary educational issues, including special needs, are covered in the curriculum.

The programme is aligned with the competence-based model of teacher education and is delivered over one year of full-time study.

PGCE students at Queens and Ulster may take an Irish-medium Enhancement Course at St Mary’s to prepare them for teaching in Irish-medium post-primary schools.