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ELMS BT2 student accommodation queens university

Living in Belfast

Accommodation Service 

There are multiple choices, from specific student buildings across the city to private rented accommodation. 

Student Properties

Most students spend their university years in some sort of private rented accommodation. This means you enter into a lease arrangement with a private landlord, usually for a year, often administered through an estate or letting agency. For many of us, this is the ultimate in student life: new-found independence and casting off the shackles of home.  

Belfast City Centre Skyline
LIV student accommodation

Student Properties

Living away from home can be liberating, but always bear in mind you will be responsible for paying rent (on time), keeping the place in good shape, paying all the bills for heat, electricity, gas, food and anything else, such as wifi. 

 You are also responsible for your behaviour, which is the part of living in private accommodation that a minority of students forget or lose sight of. It causes problems with housemates, neighbours and with the police and college authorities.  

In many cases, the neighbours will be people who have to get up during the week for work, and they will not appreciate loud music and late-night noise.  

This has been a problem in student accommodation, particularly in the Holyland area behind Queen’s University. When problems occur, the College authorities, the local community and the police get involved to encourage and, if necessary, enforce acceptable behaviour. 

Community Relations

The College takes its responsibilities to these local communities very seriously.  

Students are expected not to be involved in any behaviour which offends local residents or brings the name of the College into disrepute.  

Any student who brings the name of the College into disrepute through anti-social behaviour will be dealt with under the College Code of Discipline. 

Change of Address

Students must inform the College of any change in home or term-time address and telephone number. Up-to-date records are vital in an emergency and for examination purposes. 

Your Safety and Peace of Mind 

Students are strongly advised to have all their belongings insured. Advice regarding insurance is available from the Students’ Union Office or Student Support. 



14-storey LIV Student Belfast building

One of Belfast’s largest purpose-built student accommodation complexes – LIV Student Belfast –  includes 717 state-of-the art student apartments and studio rooms. The accommodation incorporates exemplary design and an innovative use of internal and external communal space, giving students a new level of facilities and comfort.

Students can link to St Mary’s University College  with Translink’s UniLink service.