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Why St Mary’s?

A very friendly place
Lots of support for students
High quality teaching
Great facilities


What to expect

We are a small higher education institution in terms of campus size and student population, which fosters excellent student-staff working relationships and a close-knit, friendly learning community.  

St Mary’s is a specialist institution of teacher education and the liberal arts. We have longstanding partnerships with schools and the teaching profession in Northern Ireland. 

We have a distinctive institutional identity and hold a valued position in the community of west Belfast.  

Whilst studying here, you will quickly get to know students from a host of different places: the variety of accents is something to get used to in itself. Sport can play a big part in establishing friendships, but is just one of numerous shared interests that help nurture camaraderie, such as music, faith and an interest in the Irish language.  

International Students at St Marys University, Belfast

It’s about education

The international dimension is integral to the mission of St Mary’s. We seek to enhance the academic, professional, social and personal development of all those who participate in international activities.

St Mary’s is a welcoming place and each year we are pleased to host students from our European, North American and other global partners.

International Students at St Marys University, Belfast