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Student Guidance and Support

Staff in Student Services offer guidance and support regarding a wide range of issues.  Our network of services is designed to meet your academic and personal needs and the ai, is to ensure you have the support you need to achieve your goals.

Guidance and Support

We value and respect the diversity and individuality of our student community. We understand that our students come from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our role is providing support and guidance to help you thrive as a St Mary’s student.

Throughout your studies, you will have access to academic, administrative, and pastoral staff who can provide the help and support you need to succeed.


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A Supportive Environment

Emotional problems and stress can affect any of us at any time. The loss of a relationship, health, exam worries or study problems can affect our moods and cause anxiety or depression. Study and academic progress may be directly affected as a result. 


We provide the following counselling support 

  • Individual counselling 
  • Group counselling 
  • Focused groups (e.g. coping with exams, stress management, assertiveness) 
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An understanding of your situation.

To come for counselling can take courage as it involves facing yourself and asking someone else for assistance. It is hoped that counselling will lead you to greater knowledge of yourself and an understanding of your situation.

Students can self-refer or be referred by support staff.  We aim to ensure that access to counselling is swift.


Group counselling

Group counselling is available if deemed appropriate and group sessions on issues such as exam anxiety, stress management and assertiveness are available.