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Students union team

Your Student Voice

The Students’ Union is your go-to for any issues related to student life.  

Representing students and providing welfare assistance, academic representation, financial advice, student development opportunities, and more, this union is here to support you every step of the way, providing a range of services to help our student members thrive and succeed.  

Students’ Union Support At a Glance  


  • Student welfare assistance 
  • Academic representation 
  • Clubs and societies 
  • Financial advice and assistance 
  • Skills development 
  • Representing Students  
  • Organising Nights Out! 
Students relaxing outside SU office

Where is the Students’ Union? 

The Students’ Union is run by students for students, located in the central social hub of the College. The door is always open, so call in to say hello, get involved or become active. 

Who’s in Charge of the Students’ Union? 
An Executive led by  two full-time elected sabbatical officers, the President and Deputy-President, runs our Students’ Union 

Sabbatical means they are employed full-time on paid salaries from the Students’ Union budget. Nine non-sabbatical officers are also in full-time education in the College. Non-sabbatical means they are still full-time students. 

 The Students’ Union has an excellent working relationship with College staff. The College gives the Students’ Union a budget each year so they can operate in the interests of our students.  

 To help and support students, the Coordinator for Student Guidance and Support regularly works with the President and Deputy-President.  

2 students drinking coffee

Meet the team

Clubs and Societies 

We have numerous clubs and societies, from An Cumann Gaelach, to Ladies Gaelic, to the Trad Music Society to many other interests. If a club that meets your interests doesn’t exist, you can see about setting one up! 

Sports Clubs at St Mary’s 

  • Men’s Gaelic Football 
  • Ladies’ Football 
  • Hurling 
  • Camogie 
  • Soccer 
  • Netball 
Traditional music students sitting on the communal staircase
St Mary’s students enjoying the campus outside space

St Mary’s Student Societies

  • An Cumann Gaelach 
  • Erasmus 
  • History Society 
  • Literature Society 
  • Performing Arts Society 
  • Serve Charity 
  • Ski Club 
  • The Liturgy Group 
  • Irish Dancing Society 
  • Trad Society