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Teacher Education

Education Department

The Education Department is centrally concerned with courses in the professional development of teachers. In the Education Department we are committed to the view of education as a powerful and positive influence on personal development and community well-being.

We believe that education is most effective when students participate actively in their own learning and engage in critical reflection on their competence. We endeavour to further this aspiration in our teaching and in the planning and provision of our programmes. Our approach is grounded on the Reflective Practitioner Model of Teacher Education and promotes the Code of Values as outlined by the GTCNI.

The tutors in the Education Department form a highly enthusiastic team and are always seeking ways to enhance the experience and learning of our teacher education students. Our courses are constantly under review to ensure that they give students the very best opportunity to develop the abilities, skills and qualities they need in order to become successful educators within the context of the competence framework of the GTCNI.

The department is composed of four teams: the Education Studies Team, the Numeracy Team, the Literacy Team and the Irish Medium Education (IME) Team.