Student Support Fund 2020/21

You are advised that applications for the Student Support Fund are being accepted.

The Support Fund is a small amount of money made available to the College by the Department for the Economy (DfE) to assist students who get into financial difficulties during their course or who anticipate that there will be a shortfall in their finances throughout the year and as a result may be unable to meet their living costs.

Please click on the link below to access Student Support Fund application form which also sets out the eligibility criteria. If you feel that you will need to apply for extra assistance to meet a shortfall in your financial expenses in the forthcoming academic year, please ensure all necessary documentation needed in support of you application (e.g. birth certificates, evidence of income, bank statements etc.) are uploaded.

Student Support Fund 2020-21 Application

The normal processing time for applications is 6 weeks. Processing of your application will only commence once all supporting documentation has been uploaded and received.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate the need for an award by documenting a genuine gap between income and expenditure.
There is no automatic entitlement to an award for any student.
Awards are subject to money being available in the fund.
Applications will not be accepted unless accompanied by full supporting documentation specified on the application form and will be returned to the student.
Students should not confuse the 'Support Fund' with the 'College Bursary' which does not require a separate internal application.

For further information on the Support Fund, please contact the Finance Office 02890 268318 or email