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The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

This Higher Education Achievement Report incorporates the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES for the Diploma Supplement. The purpose of the Supplement is to provide sufficient recognition of qualifications (diplomas, degrees, certificates etc.). It is designed to provide a description of the nature, level, context and status of the studies that were pursued and successfully completed by the individual named on the original qualifications to which this supplement is appended. It should be free from any value judgements, equivalence statements or suggestions about recognition. The Higher Education Achievement Report is printed in black ink on paper watermarked with the crest of the University College and carries the official University College stamp. It is not valid unless in this format.

The HEAR makes reference to supporting documentation which can be accessed from this web page, in particular:

  • Detailed information regarding admission to the programme is available in the University College’s Prospectus
  • Detailed information regarding the contents of the programme and its requirements are prescribed in the Programme Specification and the Regulations of the Institution.


Please use the links below for the relevant version of documents for each matriculating class.

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