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St Marys College main building

To Serve and Support

Our Identity and Catholic Ethos 

We aim to make a distinctive contribution to the Catholic tradition of higher education in Northern Ireland. We have been doing that since our doors opened over a century ago here on the Falls Road campus. 

St Mary’s is a Catholic academic community committed to academic excellence

  • We are preparing students to become lifelong learners, leaders, and influencers. 
  • We are providing religious, cultural, and social resources for the community. 
  • Proven legacy in teacher education in English and Irish  
  • Selection of Liberal Arts study. 
  • Supportive ethos enhances learning. 
St Marys Chapel roof turret

We are unique in many ways in our core values and educational focus. We have:

  • Specialisation in teacher education and the Liberal Arts 
  • An ethos in educating teachers that emphasises excellence and pastoral care  
  • A mutually beneficial engagement with the local community  
  • Academic integration with Queen’s University  
  • High level of commitment to international student mobility. 
St Marys University College tower

St Mary’s. A Reputation for Success 

What Makes Us Proud

  • Our community of staff and students  
  • Our name, identity, and tradition  
  • Our academic stature and our reputation for a high quality student experience 
  • Partnerships at home and abroad  
  • Our commitment to sustainability 
  • Our campus, buildings and facilities  
  • Our role in the community 
  • Notable student successes in sports, culture and music alongside our academic reputation. 
  • For over 120 years, teachers trained within these walls have taught in schools throughout Ulster and farther afield. 

Almost certainly, every local student applying will have been taught by a St Mary’s graduate. 

St Marys College original outside railings

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”