New Books

8 January 2018

St Mary’s University College senior lecturers, Dr Angela Vaupel and Dr Tracey McKay, are editors of two books written recently as a result of an ERASMUS+ funded research project entitled Border Education—Space, Memory and Reflections on Transculturality. These books are relevant examples of the type of research output that can arise from international projects involving academic scholars and key stakeholders from various countries across Europe.

Dr Angela Vaupel and Dr Tracey McKay with their books published by LIT Verlag.

The first book, edited by Dr Vaupel, is entitled Border, Memory and Transculturality: An Annotated Bibliography on the European Discourse, and it presents annotations of key texts on the project-partners' national contexts, focusing on specific local peculiarities with respect to borders and memories. Each chapter additionally offers information and material which refers to major sociohistorical events that shaped various European regions and dominated public debate. Considered collectively, the book provides a rich impression of European national diversity.

The second book, coedited by Dr McKay and Dr Olivier Mentz, is entitled Unity in Diversity: European Perspectives on Borders and Memories, and it presents chapters from a range of contributors who report on individual case studies. Also drawing from a range of contexts, the contributors explore the ways that borders help create (or, indeed, reflect) difference and constitute the separation lines between states and geographical spaces. The contributors also explore other borders: social and cultural borders between “us” and “them”, the “here” and “there” and the “insiders” and “outsiders”.

Further information on the two books and the entire research project is available at the BE-SMaRT website.

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