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The Ulster Project

The Ulster Project, based in Belfast, is dedicated to fostering cross-community relationships and breaking down prejudices and stereotypes among young people. The main goal of the project is to empower young people to create positive change within society, in the hope that their future in Northern Ireland is peaceful and prosperous. 

Recently, a group of teenagers (equal mix Catholic-Protestant, male-female) were selected from across the city, based on their contributions to their school, parish and community, and given the opportunity to go to the United States for four weeks.

The Project made use of the facilities in St Mary’s to conduct their Pre- America meetings each week from mid-March until the end of June. These meetings are an essential ‘getting to know you’ situation whereby the teenagers involved will get to develop friendships before they head off to the United States. 

Once in United States, the teens work alongside charities such as Arlington Life Shelter, Hunger Task Force and Tarrant County Food Bank. They will also take part in a leadership programme, allowing them to push boundaries and gain knowledge of political, sectarian and racial divides. 

On their return to Belfast, the teens will be able to utilize their newly acquired knowledge and experience to contribute to their own cross-community projects and activities. 

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