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Information for Applicants

Please upload your results by the deadlines specified.

Applicants are asked to forward grades received from examination authorities (other than CCEA*) to St Mary’s as soon as they are received and to arrive no later than Friday 16th August 2024 before 12 noon via the Application Result Submissions page.

*PLEASE NOTE: The College receives GCE A level results directly from CCEA and there is no need to forward these unless you are specifically asked to do so.

Leaving Certificate candidates must supply their notification of results by Friday 23rd August 2024 before 5pm

Prior to receiving your results, you are advised to ensure that you can log into this page with your registered email (due to a security enhancement, the web page will no longer accept log in with your ID). There will be limited help available on the day you receive your results, so it is prudent to confirm you can access the system beforehand.

By default when you log into the web page, you should see the pending qualifications for which we require you to provide the result. If the list is incorrect then you can amend it as necessary: again, that is best done before results day.

If you are only doing CCEA A-Levels, you should see no exams listed, and you do not need to tell us your CCEA results unless we explicitly ask you to do so. It would however still be prudent to confirm that you can access the web page, since you will also need to use it if we make you an offer.

Once you enter your results, you will be redirected to the file upload page that you have previously used to provide us with your photo ID and existing certificates. You should upload a scan or photo of your certificates for the grades you have just entered.

Please do not telephone our office at this time to inform us of results.

Original documents will be required in the event of an offer being made.

Academic Registry Availability

The Academic Registry is anxious to provide applicants with decisions on their applications as early as possible and due to the tight deadlines for decisions, direct access to Academic Registry staff will be limited.

The Academic Registry can be contacted via phone (028 9026 8320) at the following times only from ?? August – ?? August

Admission Decisions

Please note the following:

The Academic Registry office will be working hard to provide applicants with decisions on their applications as early as possible.
This is a manual process and therefore requires all applicants to provide their results to the College within the deadlines specified.
Failure to provide your results to the College may result in your application being rejected.


From Friday, 16th August 2024 at 5.00 p.m., you can check decisions processed to date and whether we have received and verified the results sent through by using the Application Status Page. Your status may not have changed at this time, so please be patient whilst we work through this manual process.


Academic Registry will process results as quickly as possible. Please note that the College will email applicants when they become eligible for an offer.


Offers must be accepted using the on-line system and within the specified deadline. Failure to respond will normally result in your offer being withdrawn.


Please ensure that you have provided us with the correct email address and any changes to your email address must be sent to

Unsuccessful Applicants

Applicants who are unsuccessful will be notified through the on-line application system. The course will be marked as unsuccessful.


The guidelines for applicants on the decision-making process in August will be updated each year.


Full information concerning September 2024 entry is available here.