Prospect College China

10 January 2022

Dr Matthew Martin of the English Department at St Mary’s delivered a staff development seminar recently for staff in Prospect College, our partner Liberal Arts institution in China.

His talk was entitled “Teaching the Liberal Arts -- The Road Less Travelled: A Conversation Between Prospect College and St Mary’s University College.”

Staff of all three campuses of Prospect College (Taigu, Chongqing and the newly-opened campus in Shandong) were in attendance. Fr Feidhlimidh Magennis also contributed a recorded video on the topic of teaching Communication Skills across the disciplines, with a special focus on Physical Education.

Executive Dean of Prospect College, Amanda Chen, thanked Dr Martin for addressing everything from the challenges of being a new lecturer in the Liberal Arts to developing system-wide approaches to staff development and the academic progress of students.

Dr Matthew Martin speaking to staff of Prospect College

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